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wall painting publicity

You must have noticed advertisement on walls while travelling by road or train, it’s a very common and cheapest publicity tool which can be affordable by large as well as very small business. Like you, many others do look and read such ads and paintings which makes this method as topmost in successful marketing methods.

Kala Kutir provides outdoor wall paintings for publicity all over India by using scientific methods and computerized stencils for smooth and uniform designs all across the wall with highest quality paints to increase life span of wall painting. We claim proper quality control with 100% right size of the design and strictly maintain wall painting ratio.

Wall painting is the most economical and cost-effective way of promoting the product and enhancing the awareness of product in rural as well as in urban market. This is economical and cost-effective outdoor media for Brand Visibility on highways, Outdoor publicity and promotion of products, Highly effective in rural markets.