Add Colours to

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Food Truck Branding

A plain food truck is not really a better idea, you need to re-think about painting your food truck, to make it attractive and unique? You are at the right place, with a great art and creativity, a certain level of personal choice is always considered at Kala Kutir so that at the end of the day you can get an excellent painted food truck.

Alternatively, you can opt with vinyl wrap as most gourmet food trucks on the road today use a vinyl wrap to achieve that glossy, professional looking exterior finish. With vinyl wrap one can be confident about getting exact mobile signage that you envisioned for your business. With a food truck wrap the colors, logos, and fonts are designed on a computer program first, printed out, then applied to your truck. This makes the process extremely precise and requires less skill from the installer.

At Kala Kutir, we assure to provide best quality work whichever option your chose because each one will be beneficial for your business branding and promotion. We use best quality paint or wrap to avoid any inconvenience while keeping food in it.