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Parking floor and garage painting

While India is working towards being an organized cities and state, there is an increase in number of parking and garages and each of them needs continuous maintenance by regular painting of parking areas and garages which includes concrete painting, Structural Steel and Pipe Painting, Safety Markings, Line Striping, Corrosion Protection, Concrete Crack Repair.

Kala Kutir has been providing painting & flooring services for commercial parking structures and garages for over 25 years. As we know that parking and garages get a lot of traffic, both foot & vehicle, and can quickly deteriorate the surfaces thus we make sure every space is prepped with highest quality painting material for a successful job. Line striping, walkway striping, and parking stall numbering can all be applied throughout your garage, making it both safer & easier to navigate.

Stairs& elevator are the areas which also suffer a lot of wear & tear on a daily basis, we at Kala Kutir also repair and make the resurface even with a long-lasting coating system. On the floors, our experts suggest applying an epoxy coating for an appealing & functional surface.