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School Bus Painting

School bus are for student safe travel from and to the school because it is one of the most time when children travel alone, it’s a duty of a school to keep the bus maintained and updated to avoid any mis happening with the students. Also, School bus painting is one of the best promotional and branding methods for schools and other educational institutes

As the bus travel all around the city for pickup and drop of their students, many other students or parents get the visibility of the school bus and the name of the school, when the school bus is painted excellently and maintained they feel good about your school and may get in contact with your school. That’s called a good brand engagement and branding activities.

Expert painters at Kala Kutir understand the need of a school bus, and we have best quality yellow bus body paint as National School Bus Yellow has graced the rides of students and set them apart from all other vehicles on the road for more than 60 years. The color is a symbol of safety and dedication to pupil transportation. Choosing what color to paint your school bus isn’t the problem, it can be done as per your requirement, It’s keeping the paint looking good through all the wear and tear the bus is subjected to throughout its life.