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fleet & truck branding

Your fleet and truck reach thousands of people everyday. So don’t you think it is a high-impact way of promoting your product, service or brand? Yes! Fleet and truck branding is a highly valuable and cost effective way to advertise your offerings or business. Our passionate and skilled workers creates outstanding design over an entire fleet of vehicles. We use the best material, paint, advanced equipment and methods. Our trained experts staff provide the efficient and fast services at the most competitive rates. We are trusted by the big brands.

We implement the creative concept into an artwork on the client’s vehicles for branding. We make sure that vehicles are off on the road in a short span of time to make your business visibility higher. The complete branding process is handled by our expert professionals in a seamless manner.

Your fleet is the most important marketing tool. So without wasting enough time enhance your brand identity and spread your offerings awareness with Kala Kutir.