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interior & exterior painting of industrial

Interior & exterior painting of Commercial and Industrial area will impress your clients and boost your business. Kala Kutir is one of the top industrial painting companies in India providing industry leading commercial painting services.

Interior panting of your commercial property gives your business that brand new, fresh and modern look, Leave a lasting impression with customers and inspectors. Exterior painting of an industry Extend the life of your roof, walls, garage doors, siding, Protect the inside of your business, save money on costly repairs, and Enhance the look of your business.

We, at Kala Kutir, understand that your business unit need to be run simultaneously and thus our painters and designers work around your schedule to avoid costly downtime. The quality of the paint used, and painting skill is the most important factors to be considered and Kala Kutir is best in both of them, our experienced painters work with effective speed, consistency, and cover each possible spot and space for meeting overall quality commitment.