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Shipping cargo container painting

Painting your cargo container ensures your container looks sleek and professional. The paint is important as the shipping container is for your business’ brand. Other than branding of the shipping containers the cargo need to be maintained as shipping containers are being virtually used for various goods for everywhere such as restaurants, shops, art pieces, storage, and even homes. A single shipping container travels throughout the world and has been exposed to the marine environment as well. There are various regions which become weakened under stress and the original paint can crack or chip away and due to the heavy use, water has an opportunity to collect in the corners and underneath the doors and remains stagnant.

Painting shipping containers makes the cargo box more attractive in appearance and provides durability, ensuring the strength and integrity of the metal by keeping it free from rust. When you choose the right paint type, painting shipping containers also protects it from various elements. Kala Kutir ensure to use the best paint for your individual container from various container paint options available. The first step is to determine how you will use the shipping container, the intended use will help you decide the best container paint type to use.

Our expert professionals will paint your cargo container in a way that it will look attractive and will be noticeable by everyone on the way. Besides giving an attractive look to your cargo container, our creative team adds the additional thick paint layer on the body so as to increase safety from water and rusting.

We highly recommend painting your container on a dry, sunny morning, as cool damp weather can prevent your paint from properly setting. Even containers painted on a warm afternoon has risk of being covered in dew before the paint sets. In some cases, water can even become trapped beneath the paint’s surface creating ugly, blister-like pockets. Kala Kutir Experts painter team always work for best results so we can have a long-term business relationship.