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Commercial Vehicles Branding services

Is your company operates commercial vehicles or logistics supply chain truck? Do you require fleet branding? We at Kala Kutir will assist you to create a unique identity for your business and turn your business into powerful brand.

Fleet & vehicle branding is made simpler with Kala Kutir. We offer excellent design cargo container painting services all over India. Whether you need logo designs, signwriting, art publicity and mobile advertisement we will do it for you at affordable prices. It is the most preferred publicity method as compared to any other medium.

Our expert professionals will paint your cargo container in a way that it will look attractive and will be noticeable by everyone on the road. Besides giving an attractive look to your commercial vehicle, our creative team adds the additional thick paint layer on the body so as to increase safety. Your painted truck will surely get noticed by your targeted audience. Thus, your brand will get high visibility and will retain into the minds of the consumer for longer.

We ensure to provide the quality work by using waterproof paint and brush for the amazing texture. Our commercial vehicles branding services is cost-effective and visually striking.