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Indoor & outdoor advertising

Are your products and services reaching out to the most possible consumers? If your customers do not know the recent offerings or deals you need to think about outdoor and indoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising is designed to promote your business in open spaces and is focused to reach public directly such as by billboards, banners, neon signs, posters, flags, etc. These advertisements are placed in at a strategic location to get easy and frequent visibility and viewer attention.

Indoor advertising is used for conveying your brand message in an enclosed space such as in cafeteria, railway stations, colleges, etc. Here we target the right audience and create the atmosphere where people around can have band impact of your offerings such exhibition stands, office branding, training institute poster in a college, healthy food delivery app in a gym, etc.

Kala Kutir specialize for creative and innovative outdoor and indoor advertising including branding, designing and printing with highest quality and cost-effective guaranteed.